Informal English style pleasure riding lessons for ALL ages describes our intent.  We teach basic horsemanship with an emphasis on just plain good "horse sense" offered in small groups according to age and ability....or privately.  Lessons are typically once a week for a half hour to an hour and a half in seasonal sessions: fall, winter, spring and some summer lessons on weekdays.  For the more experienced riders, short trailrides are often incorporated in lessons.  We accommodate everyone from little ones' first introduction to the equestrian world to advanced trailriders…
even a ladies'(or couples?) morning out session
complete with a refreshing lunch! 
To inquire about current sessions,  fees, and other possibilities.....

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Ladies' Lunch Bunch

Riding Lessons
Ya never know who's
going to show up!!!
       Riding Lesson Prices

30 minute private lesson
for little ones:                        $325

45 minute private lesson:            $375

Small group lessons/trailrides
for 2 or more (1 1/2 - 2 hours):   $375 per rider

Lunch Bunch:                           $400

All above prices based on 10 week riding session.