Sally Griner

Sally's Simple Building Blocks

From early, early in her life, Sally's dreams and goals have centered around horses.  Fox hunting at a remarkably young age inspired her to seek the eventing world where she began training and competing as a teen.  Education led Sally directly to continuing her passion.  With some solid experience under her belt after completing her 2 year degree in Equine Business Management at College of Central Florida in Ocala in May 2010 and spending 3 months as a working student on a Montana ranch, Sally has developed good footing from which to move forward with her sport horse training program.  While managing her own stable, she has also taken on several horses in training, successfully 'starting' young ones and re-directing/training others.  With her own background in eventing and plans to continue competing, she believes in a strong foundation of basic dressage achieved through the use of SIMPLE BUILDING BLOCKS, encouraging willing compliance from the horse.  Her horses tend to enjoy their work as if it is FUN!!!!  No matter the discipline, English or Western, all horses reach higher levels with a positive beginning!

Sally has a profoundly intuitive understanding and remarkable compassion for her horses (and for their riders) and adds extensive equine health, behavior, anatomy, and nutrition knowledge…which grows with every experience…to the package.  AND she realizes no two projects/horses present the same challenges approaching each as a new adventure.
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Meet Cymric,
young thoroughbred. 

January 2012 prior to Sally's program (age 3).........
................After just a few months (age 4) of training!...........
Schooling Dreamin Big
May 2012
Zeus in the
championships at
Poplar Place Farm
Dreamin Big in a show
at Gray Lilly Farm 2011
Dreamin Big at Cavallo Farms
Spooktacular Show 2010
Sally age 2 & Frax
Sally age 8 and Mossy
Sally age 13 & Star
........after a few more months (age 4) all within 1 year!
......Cym anticipating his future!...
Sally does take time from her busy horse training have fun with her western horse Cuervo...he loves to play too!!!!
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